Professional Learning

Dorroughby EEC supports teachers in professional learning in integrating sustainability education into your curriculum and also in science investigations. These courses can also be delivered specifically for your school on a professional development day. Please preview some programs Dorroughby EEC has previously delivered and registered on My PL. Please ring to discuss the design of your own program.



Working Scientifically: Implementing Science Investigations in Your Classroom 

The course focuses on science investigations, fair testing and environmental sustainability education. It is registered with BOSTES for 10 hours of professional learning. School's can book the lab for professional development and then bring students to the lab to participate in open ended science challenges. Science Pl Brochure (pdf 501 KB)

Science Investigations and the New NSW Science Syllabus K-6
This is a condensed version of the working scientifically course above. It is a  Non-Registered 3 hour course and can be run at your school as an introduction to science investigations and fair tests.
Using the Local Environment for Integration of Sustainability Education Outcomes for Stage 2&3
This is a registered course that will build the capacity for teachers to use their local environment as a teaching and learning resource. It emphasis discovery based learning and connection with the local environment.  outside learning (pdf 381 KB)
Sustainability Education / Coastal Management and Marine Debris
This course discusses Coastal Management issues at Belongil Beach/ Byron Bay. It also look at the issue of Marine Debri and includes instructions on how to conduct a beach clean up.
Marine Debri (doc 248 KB)
Plugging Into Nature
This is a registered course that explores the use of iPads to support authentic learning outside the four walls of the classroom and will focus on using technology across the curriculum. This is a one day course that contributes to 20 hours of professional learning through an extra school based project.