Gliders, Koala's and Frogs


Activity 1 - Know your possum facts

Possum Identification Possum chart (pdf 731 KB)

Food Web - Print the cards and make a  Food Chain (pdf 2960 KB)

Squirrel Glider Facts (pdf 830 KB)

Yellow-bellied Glider Facts (pdf 153 KB)

Tree Hollows Fact Sheet (pdf 124 KB)

Glider Life Cycle (pdf 251 KB)


Activity 2 - Threats

Threats to Gliders (pdf 1523 KB)

Wildlife Friendly Fencing (pdf 928 KB)


KOALA'S - Lismore PS  Koala information video

You tube video:




Activity 1 - Know your koala facts

Koala Life Cycle (pdf 343 KB)

Koala Food Web (pdf 2716 KB)

Koala Facts Northern Rivers

Koala Facts for Stage 1-3

How to Identify a Healthy Koala


Activity 2 - Threats

Koala Threats (pdf 1354 KB)

Responsible Dog Ownership & Koalas


Local Studies

Koala Radio Tracking Lismore (pdf 936 KB)

Koala Habitat Study Tweed 2011 (pdf 7524 KB)

Koala Transects at SCU (pdf 1690 KB)




On Line Field Guide to Frogs of Australia

Giant Barred Frog Facts

Fleay's Barred Frog (pdf 248 KB)

Aboriginal Frog Story (pdf 2270 KB)

Barred Frog Food Web (pdf 1960 KB)

Life Cycle Cane Toad (pdf 541 KB)

Frog Lifecycle Mandala (pdf 1686 KB)


Activity 2- Threats

Threats to Frogs (pdf 953 KB)