Latest News from NRGee

School Environmental Educators Forum

 Wednesday 18th March 2015.

 A chance to network with other teachers and environmental educators – share experiences and practices, participate in practical workshops such as kitchen gardens, reducing waste water quality. Find out about resources, support, grants. Presenters will include educators from NRGEE (Dorroughby EEC, local councils, ROUS Water and Landcare) Please ring Dorroughby to register or use My PL, Course Number is NR04245.NRGee was proud to support schools in the Wilsons River Catchment Schools Education and Restoration Project.

Camp Out with Kids Teacher Training

Dorroughby is hostng the event on 19th March

CampOut with Kids is a fun, experiential program where a child 6-12 years old and their parent camp overnight on the school grounds. CampOut with Kids Facilitator Training is an innovative one-day program where you will learn strategies and tools that can be applied to the classroom, professionally and in your personal life. Bookings are via the website.


Arts V's Science Riverside Festival will be held again this year at Lismore City Hall during August. Watch this space for dates and timetable of events. This year the event will incorporate displays for the Big Scrub Rainforest that is traditionally held as a separate event.


Dorroughby Environmental Arts Camp - This year the camp will run in early Ausgust and offer the opportunity for students to enter the Arts V's Science video competition. Nrgee partners Rous Water and NE Waste will also be supporting the camp.


Our Voice Sustainability Conference for Young People by Young People. Due to popular demand the event will run on the 30th October at Southern Cross University. See the website for registration and more information.