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ee poliy 2001

Environmental Education Policy 2001 (Department of Education & Training)

Envior Ed policy 2001 (pdf 592 KB)




sus framework


Sustainability Curriculum Framework 2009

Sus Framework (pdf 1216 KB)



The ARIES team have put together this selection of videos from around
the world to educate, engage, inspire, perplex, enlighten, delight and
stimulate debate on all things to do with sustainable development.

Australian Student Environment Network (ASEN), campus environment
collectives  all over the continent working for a just and sustainable

European Academy of Business in Society's directory of activities of
universities and business schools in the domains of corporate
responsibility research, education and training in Europe and beyond.

Teaching modules, case studies and other sustainability teaching
resources provided by the Aspen Institute - Centre for Business

International courses related to the United Nations Decade of
Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014.

The Foundation for Environmental Education promotes sustainable
development through school education, staff development general
awareness raising. The Eco-Schools programme involves seven steps that
any school can adopt.

The Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment,
Water, Population and Communities — Sustainability Education.

The Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative. Encouraging schools to
take a whole-system and whole-school approach to sustainability.
Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit is an easy-to-use manual
for individuals and organisations from both the education and
community sectors. This resource addresses the potentially powerful
alliance of school systems and communities working together to reach
local sustainability goals. Together they can reorient existing
curricula to create locally relevant and culturally appropriate

Free curriculum resources for primary and high-school students.

The United Nations University, Institute of Advanced Studies. The
Education for Sustainable Development Programme works on research and
capacity development to integrate Education for Sustainable
Development (ESD) components into curricula at all levels of education
and in all sectors of the society by the end of the Decade of
Education for Sustainable Development (DESD), which runs from 2005 to

This resource helps children aged 4-7 explore their own lives – and
the world around them – by looking at the lives of other children from
around the world.

Second Nature can help your college, university or association
develop, advance, and achieve a vision of a truly sustainable higher
education institution, one that fully prepares its graduates for the
challenges of the 21st Century.

An Australian support group for environmental educators, particularly
those in local government.

University Leaders for a Sustainable Future assists colleges and
universities in making sustainability an integral part of curriculum,
research, operations and outreach.

The UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education.
Concentrates on activities that focus on education from the Secondary
level and beyond with a mission to contribute to sustainable human
development (underpinned by tolerance, human rights and a culture of
peace) through the design and implementation of education programs and
projects, mainly at the post primary level of education, which stress
'educational innovation for development'.

WWF's site for those working to put Education for Sustainable
Development at the heart of school life.