Last updated 11:12 AM on 19 May 2014

.Students look at what is caught in a Yabby trap




Planning has already begun for the Student Sustainability Conference to be hosted again by Southern Cross University on the 31st October 2014.Keep this date locked in and have your students think about a concept they would like to present. Checkout the updated website at


Last year Our Voice was held on the 1st November at Southern Cross University. The conference bought together more than 250 children and young people from the Northern Rivers to express their ideas and concerns relating to sustainability and the environment. Students used a variety of formats to express their ideas, from song, photos and drama. Some of the highlights included Main Arm Public Schools music video ‘Listen to the Warning', which outlined the importance of saving energy and climate change issues. The Dorroughby Green Team presented the issue of platypus being caught in yabby traps and The Pocket P.S presented a fantastic documentary on squirrel gliders and actions that had taken to increase biodiversity at their school.


The conference was also a celebration of DEC Climate Clever Energy Savers Program that has been delivered by Dorroughby to 150 Schools and over 200 class groups in the Northern Rivers over the past three years and wasa collaboration of Southern Cross University, Rous Water and Dorroughby EEC.


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