Creating Ipad Doco's

According to the Board of Studies, when creating information reports, students should be encouraged to "experiment with presenting information in various clear, accessible ways".


Using the style developed by David Attenborough, students work as filmakers to create their own incredible documentary focusing on living things found in the local bushland.


David Attenborough believes nature films are popular because, "firstly, they speak about living things, like us; secondly, they deal with the real world, which is always surprising and beautiful; and finally, they have substance".


Dorroughby EEC is now offering a program creating iPad documentaries in the field. Locations can include your school grounds or one of our advertised field work sites (see sites links). The program requires at least 4 hours but upon completion students will have a saved movie file. Support for the program includes a pre visit video conference to ensure students are suitable prepared for the day.