About Us

Dorroughby Environmental Education Centre is a NSW Department of Education and Communities facility located 20 minutes NE of Lismore. Experienced teachers provide sustainability, cultural and environmental programs for students K-12 at the centre, within schools and at a variety of other sites e.g rainforests, wetlands, and coasts.

2017 Annual School Report (pdf 1752 KB)

2016 Annual School Report (pdf 471 KB)

2015 Annual School Report (pdf 795 KB)

School Plan 2018-2020 (pdf 454 KB)

School Plan 2015-2017 (pdf 259 KB)

NSW EZEC RAP (pdf 784 KB)

Anti-bullying Plan 2018 (pdf 363 KB)

The centre also provides:

professional development for teachers in sustainability education

video conferences for students and staff

support for schools in implementing sustainability cross curriculum planning and management of resources (waste, energy, water, biodiversity)

Dorroughby EEC is a proud member of


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